my name is elizabeth and i'm nineteen and i'm a history major and sorority girl and i like bad music and fashion and art and films and nature and sports and religion and boys (i don't kiss boys) (boys kiss me) and eddie vedder said i was pretty once ok i'm kind of a dumbass bye

Is it bad that I’m only nineteen and I feel like I’m already over the whole party stage of binge drinking

my hair hasn’t been curled in forever 😱 thanks for doing my hair tonight @mvrycvtherine 💕

my hair hasn’t been curled in forever 😱 thanks for doing my hair tonight @mvrycvtherine 💕

I need to get out and go to a frat party and listen to shitty music and drink too much and make out with a guy whose dad has too much money or something. That’s my realm, that’s who I am, not this bullshit right now.

Like nooooooppppeeeee, I’m stopping myself. I literally CANNOT make myself sad, or allow myself to fucking sad every night. I can’t stand it. I couldn’t stand it then and I certainly wouldn’t be able to stand it now. I’m not doing this. I need to get out, go somewhere, be with some people, I don’t know, anywhere but this room and this bed

better dig two — the band perry

well, it won’t be whiskey, won’t be meth, it’ll be your name on my last breath. if divorce or death ever do us part, the coroner will call it a broken heart

But more than anything, I am so unpleased and disappointed in myself because I can feel myself slipping into this state of sadness very quickly and it reminds me of two years ago and I simply cannot take lying in bed, crying and sleeping, skipping class, not eating, watching Netflix, and having like one friend again. Maybe it’s just winter, maybe it’s just my life, I don’t know, but I’m so goddamn sad sometimes

You know, I really haven’t had one of those nights where I take a long bubble bath and listen to Jeff Buckley in a while and those are very depressing nights but I feel depressed every night so what does it matter

"Loving her will not always be easy. She will weave herself into bad poetry some nights to keep you from seeing her without her skin. One day, you will see her without her skin. She will pull on the edges of herself until she has come completely unraveled on the kitchen floor. She does not need help picking herself back up, but the company is nice every once in a while. One day, she will show you what it means to be made of something so easily pulled apart. Some nights, she will need herself more than she needs you. There are stars in her eyes that burn like hell if you bury yourself against them for too long, do not let this stop you from seeing them. She will not always be easy to convince, she will wake up each morning wrapped around the worry that your heart stopped beating for her overnight. She will love you with everything she has ever had. Do not take her away from herself."
written by on loving firecracker women, Emma Bleker (via stolenwine)